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Michaux State Forest, along Milesburn Road, photographed January 25, 2005 (my annibirthversaryday *grin*)

Milesburn Road is on its way to becoming the most photographed road in the state forest *laff*, for many reasons. 1) It's the road that runs from the Shippensburg Road to 233, so it's the most direct route through the state forest in the direction of Route 30. 2) The area is incredibly photogenic *grin*. I feel an idea coming on. :)

Oh and I consider what you are about to see my best photography yet. I can not explain the feelings I feel when I look at these photographs.

THE PHOTOS Click on the thumbnails to see a larger view

Ok this one isn't of the forest, obviously.
I woke up to this on the 21st. It's frost on my bedroom window.
The pattern reminds me of a Victorian wallpaper pattern or a lincrusta imprint.
Totally beautiful and it was completely melted by 10 am.

Views Along Milesburn Road
I am always amazed at how I can drive down the same road and have my attention caught by different views and angles every time.

The Fire Site

This is the area I saw.
In my minds eye, I can still see the flames burning up the pine trees (the yellow scorched ones in the background of the shot are the ones that were burning). I don't think I will ever forget that.
When I walked back to the car, I paced off the length of the fire site----approximately 72 feet from the left edge to the right edge and probably 15-20 feet deep off the road. Bastard.
I honestly will never forget that day. It honestly changed my outlook on a few important matters. I am a different person spiritually because of that fire, and because of the forest in general. I can't really put it into words.


The Millrace Photographic Adventure

This is the small waterfall at Caledonia State Park. It at one time was part of the water supply for the Caledonia Iron Works. Everytime I drive down 233 to 30 I pass it and look to see what it loooks like. Well when I saw Tuesday that it was frozen I was determined to get photographs of it. I wasn't going to head home without photographs of it.
And so the adventure began. I'll have to get a photo of the road itself so you can see that the road at that point is a blind curve with no shoulder. I was literally standing in the road, with my tripod stuck down into the piled up plowed snow at the guardrail. When I was bent over with the camera, my ass was literally sticking into the road. *giggle* Fortunately for me, traffic going up 233 wasn't heavy. I just had to remind myself not to abruptly back up.
The results were more than worth any danger to my person. And the adventure of it had me high and giggly.

© 2005 Keri Leaman. All Rights Reserved.
Do not reproduce any photographs without photographer's permission.

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