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Equipment Used: Pentax K-1000 35mm SLR, Kodax Max 400 speed color print film.

President's Day Snowstorm 2003

Sixteen and a half inches of snow in the back yard.

The view from my bedroom window Monday morning. My only thought was "I am damn glad my car is parked in the garage!" Of course I couldn't get the car out of the garage until Saturday!

Buried cars. I am so glad mine wasn't one of them. The digging out would have broken my back.

The neighbor on our left's back yard pond

The neighbor on our right's backyard holly tree

We usually put the bamboo furniture away before the first snow. Oops.

Bluish tinged footprints in the snow

The dead tomato plants stand about four feet tall. The yard on the 636 side caught all the drift.

The mound of snow at the edge of the porch was almost three feet deep.

Gettysburg NMP, 2/21/03

This photo and the one below just take my breath away. I sized the two of them to 800x600 and added them to my folder of desktops (trust me the desktop sized one is rather breathtaking. Detail was lost in the downsize). That monument off in the distance is for the 8th NY Cavalry and it sits beside the road that goes up to the Eternal Peace Light Memorial. See the desktop sized photo.

The two right guns of Cushing's 4th US Artillery, Battery A, and off in the distance is the Virginia Memorial, Gen. Lee atop (look to the treeline right at the center of the photo. There's a monument there *s*). See the desktop sized photo.

The Angle

A closerup of the 72nd Pennsylvania monument and a couple of Cushing's guns

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