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This small bit answers the question "Why is Keri's personal site called 'the stonewall zone?'" Well I'm about ta tell you.

When I first became a part of the talker community back in about '96, I used the handle 'stonewall'. Reasons? "Stonewall" Jackson was, and still is, my favorite Civil War general, plus, at the time, I was a rabid Civil War historian. So using 'stonewall' as my handle made a lot of sense. Of course for the longest time, I wondered why people were asking me if I was gay *lol*. Duh.

I created the 'stonewall zone', the first incarnation of this personal website o'mine in 1997, while I was known by the handle 'stonewall'. The stone wall background was the first graphic I downloaded for the site. And the site has evolved as much as I have.

Today I am known as 'panzer' or 'panzer73' on my Livejournal, which represents my love of World War Two and the evolution of armored warfare. Even though my net.identity and my number one historical interest have changed, I am not going to change the title of my website, just to keep that link to my past, good and bad.