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HOBBIES the stuff I try to do when I have some free time

NEW!! photography
Yes, I have found a new hobby and I absolutely love it. Here is My Photography page, which is also linked from the index page. My boyfriend, Herb, sent me his old Pentax K-1000 35mm SLR camera for Christmas and by golly he created a monster *LOL*. Check it out and enjoy :)

Geology really rocks my world (pun intended). I had a geology class and had tons of fun with it. Rocks are the history of the Earth and I think it's cool that I have a bit of ability to look at them and tell what sort of processes formed them etc. *grin*

Ah out in Nature and getting exercise at the same time. Nothing like it in the world *grin*.

Ah birdstalking. I love it so. Birds are the coolest wonders of Nature and the perfect flying machines. My favorite birds? Vultures (yes you heard that right...vultures), eagles, songbirds. My favorite birding experience? Seeing two male Baltimore Orioles fighting a turf war right above my head. My Uncle Dave is a master birder (git your head outta the gutter! *giggle*) so I have someone to yack birds with. My dad is too but not as seriously as my Uncle. My dad took the ornithology classes in college and my Uncle came away with the stronger interest :)

Astronomy used to be my primary hobby (that has now been supplanted by geology though). But I still enjoy gazing up at the stars in wonder and all that mystical stuff :) I've also taken astronomy classes and had lots of fun with those too. Hubble. Supernovae! Brown dwarfs! Black holes! LOL you get the idea!

other hobbies I have that don't have websites

  • reading
  • playing Civilization III on the laptop (HELP ME I'M ADDICTED!! (Ok, so I didn't know until recently that Civ 3 has its own website :P~~))
  • purr therapy from the cats
  • going to Gettsyburg

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