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In Memoriam
November 1984-April 1996
You are missed little buddy.

The Furry Family

Bein' Lazy In Front of the Bathroom Radiator*
Bubba the Beast

My mom and I have two cats, Bubba and Sissy. Bubba's real name is actually Bobo, but he has quite a few names--Bobo, Bubba, Bobas, as well as others not so nice. He is a large cat, hence "the Beast". The photo really doesn't quite give a sense of his massiveness. He has a large frame (He's not fat, he's big boned!). But he is a cool cat. Downright strange actually. He has a very strong personality. Definitely the alpha male (and he doesn't let Sissy forget that, trust me). He isn't a cuddle cat but he is affectionate on his terms. Other strange Bubba quirks--he has a foot fetish. He loves lying on the floor of my mom's closet, using her shoes as pillows. He likes to nudge toes and has been known to nibble on them when the mood hits him. He also likes foot pets. Scritch his cheek with your toes and he is in heaven. Bubba has a very strange appetite too. He has eaten Chex Mix before, as well as homemade biscotti, corn chips flavored with carrot juice as well as the usual feline meat and dairy products. He also loves to hang out in the bathroom with us and has been known to lie down in the sink, as well as lick soap off our skins when we're taking a bath. Like I said, strange cat. His favorite toy is a little catnip sock that was sent by a friend of my mom's. He carries it around in his mouth and he TALKS to it. The talking is a bit startling but very cute.
And since the captioned photo was taken, Bubba has lost a lot of weight. I will have to get a photo of him when he's lying down so you can see the difference. I can't call him lardass anymore. He still has the gut but I think that's the older neutered male indoor cat syndrome.

More photos of Bubba

Sissy of the blue-green eyes*

Sissy came to our family after I left for State College in 1998. Mom thought Bubba needed a companion (he probably would have been perfectly happy on his own. He doesn't share us well sometimes. Oh well). We didnt' know at the time, but she came to us with a burden. Mom kept calling me at school saying 'Sissy is getting fat. She's eating me out of house and home.' Little did we know that she was eating for FIVE!! Yes, on March 5, 1998, Sis gave birth to four beautiful kittens. Fortunately for all involved there were no complications. Momma and beebies were all fine and perfect. Sissy is a sweet little cat. She's not a snuggler either. Bubba terror took care of that quite quickly. She has the most wonderful purr--nice deep lil motor. I call her my purr therapist, cause when I'm stressed out and sstuff I get her purring then sit near enough to hear it. I have been known to fall asleep during purr therapy treatments :) Sis has the most beautiful aquablue-grey eyes. One of her children, Kumquat the Binkster (don't ask), did indeed inherit her eyes :) They all inherited her purr, that's for sure. When I came home for spring break in '98, I spent a lot of time hanging around Sis and the beebs. Had been a very long time since I had seen newborn kittens, so one night I placed a pillow in front of the door so the beebs couldn't crawl out and fell asleep next to them, head in the closet door. Sis was a good mother too. She definitely had the maternal instincts. The kittens basically lived on the third floor, shut off from the rest of the world. Mom tried letting them roam around downstairs--Sissy led them downstairs once. But Bubba got too curious and Sis went ballstic on him. Mom said she chased him around the house growling and stuff. Scared him so bad he peed all over the floor! *LOL* I'm sorry I missed that. I really am. That would have been funny to see--big bad Bobo scared shitless by the LilMomma. The two get along well now. Bubba still asserts his alpha-ness but they are certainly more comfortable with each other. And they would miss each other if they were apart.

More photos of Sissy

Da kittens at about 3 months old or so

From bottom to top: Couscous, Quinoa, Kumquat, and Bella. Bella lives with a gentleman that my mom works with while the other three unfortunately had to be given away when my sister moved to Ecuador last year. I miss those three so so much. I hope they are well and loved.

Yes Mom and I throw nuts out on the back porch for the squirrels. The squirrels get nibbles and the cats get entertainment. The two squirrels we've been seeing lately are not the same squirrels as the one photographed. I dub them ALL Nutsy! :)
Bubba and Sis are cute to watch because they get really still and only the tips of their tails twitch. And they chirp. Sis slaps the door when she gets too excited. And Bubba tries to flatten himself out so he can't be seen (oh yeah like he can hide *lol*). So to us the squirrels aren't nuisances. They're amusement!!

All asterisked photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 885 digital camera. I don't remember what camera I used to take the rest.
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